Online with Jonathan Boynton-Lee

I recently met up with Jonathan Boynton-Lee, top billing presenter, actor, director, MC and Reach for a Dream Slipper Day Ambassador. At the media launch of Slipper Day 2018, Jonathan was emotional, as he spoke about his involvement doing hospital visits, home visits or funerals that he has attended. It is evident that not only is he making a difference to the lives of the terminally-ill children, but they have affected him where he realises that life is short and valuable.

The quote that he lives by is: Don’t just dream at night… dream all day… dream for a living.

When I ask Johnathan why did he chose Reach for a Dream, he simply responded, “Why not. Why must there be a why. Giving back is such a massive part of who we are as human beings. I will give back without any reason. It is part of who I am and what everyone should do.”

It is evident that Jonathan is very selfless and is using his public profile for a good cause by doing acts of kindness. He recently withdrew his daily ATM limit and gave it all away. Good on you for inspiring me and others.

Jonathan Boynton-Lee - People Mag
Image from People Magazine

I asked Jonathan 10 quick questions:

  1. Favourite food:

Brownies – of course this is food lol

  1. Favourite holiday destination:


  1. Favourite designer:

Three South African designers – Gert Johan Coetzee, Shaldon Kopman (Nake Ape) and Paledi Segapo (Palse)

  1. Favourite clothing item:


  1. Favourite perfume:

Sauvage by Johnny Depp for Dior

  1. Favourite restaurant:

Leafy Greens, a vegetarian cafe

  1. Favourite colour:

An even split between pink and blue

  1. Favourite high tea venue:

High tea at The Palace, Sun City

  1. Favourite quote:

As above

  1. Pets:

None at the moment (but when he has a garden, it will be a dog)

You too can make a difference and support #slipperday2018 on 11 May by purchasing a wristband for R10 – visit the website

Jonathan’s social links: Twitter Instagram Facebook Website

At the launch of Slipper Day 2018

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