Launch of Slipper Day 2018

Reach for a Dream invited me to the launch of their 2018 Slipper Day. For me this is such a worthy cause, that I decided to take ½ days leave to attend. It was a bitter sweet event (I suppose many of their events are). We celebrated and enjoyed this fun initiative and the foundation’s 30th year of existence… yet the core reason for the foundation’s existence is to make the dreams come true for terminally-ill children.

Reach for a Dream has the cutest slippers to purchase

During the event, I wondered what is more painful. Not having a child and eliminating the pain that a parent will go through with the hospitals, the sickness and eventually the passing on? Or having a child and knowing that your time is limited, but savouring the memories? I still do not have a definite answer and I am sure this topic is reason for debate as each person goes through their own pain irrespective.

The Chairman of the foundation, Meryn Serbero, who also loss terminally ill children, said something very profound, “To be left with a combination of memory and photographs is not really fair, but if it’s all you have, it becomes very special as a parent.”

Organisations such as Reach For a Dream play a pivotal role in society, as it allows children to forget about their illness for a moment and gives them hope to reach their dream. Last year, the non-profit organisation reach 45 000 children irrespective of their dream. Some children’s dream was to meet their sport hero like Lewis Hamilton and AB de Villiers. While others merely wanted a puppy, laptop or others a princess party.

The foundation believes in the power of dreams and encourage children to use their dreams to fight for tomorrow. This event has spurred my belief in making memories, savouring the moment and take that photo. Sometimes, it is all that one will have left.

The ambassadors for this year’s Slipper Day campaign is DJ Fresh, Amanda Du-Pont, Jonathan Boynton-Lee, Shashi Naidoo and Radio presenter Poppy amongst others.

Slipper Day is in its seventh year and has become one of the foundations largest fundraisers. You too can make a difference and support the #slipperday2018 on 11 May by purchasing a wristband for R10 from Pick n Pay, Wimpy or the foundation. Visit their website to read about their other initiatives.


L-R Amanda from Peaches in the Wild Blog, Melanie Du Bois, me and Letshego Zulu



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