Eid continues with a Mediterranean high tea at Just Teddy

Gluten free cakes
Picturesque gluten and lactose free treats

Eid is a day to spend with family, friends and loved ones. The only downfall is that the day is too short as there is not enough hours to visit everyone. This year, we continued our celebrations at Just Teddy @1fox for a Mediterranean high tea breakfast.

All of us
Eid celebrations continue

No doubt, Teddy and his talented family outdone themselves and treated us like queens. This was such a treat to be pampered, as women (mothers) are the ones who tirelessly prepare all the wonderful eateries on Eid. So this time it was lovely to just sit back, relax and catch up.

Tea cheers
A time to sit back and relax

Teddy took us on a magical Mediterranean culinary journey. Starters was Ashtalieh (a Lebanese cream cheese and rose syrup pudding topped off with toasted shredded Phyllo dough). This was followed by a meze platter with Za’atar Man’oushe and plain pita breads accompanied by Hummus (chickpeas), Baba ghanoush (brinjal / eggplant), Tabouli (bulgur wheat, tomato and mint) and Labneh (yogurt) dips.

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Our tiered plates consisted of:

Top tier: Buttermilk scones and lemon centered Madeleines

Middle tier: Fattier bi Sabanekh (Lebanese spinach pies) as well as a savoury sweet potato and cumin scone

Bottom tier: An array of sweet mini delicacies including an apple crumble, milk tart, berry cheese cake, Baklava cheese cake , pear & almond tart, chocolate & ginger tartlet and a Turkish delight macaron. What is really amazing, is that each time that I have been to Teddy’s (I’ve been there thrice already) I am astounded by his selection of the day, showcasing his talent.

Further, Teddy had the challenge of catering for my sister who is lactose and gluten intolerant. Unlike other high teas we have been to where she was an afterthought, this time extra attention was given to her to ensure that she enjoys the food as much.

Gluten free cakes

Once again (read my previous post) I salute this man for his expertise. His passion exudes and he is always up for a challenge.

I will be hosting a fundraising event at Just Teddy in August. Keep a look out for more posts and deets. I’m so excited!

Teddy can be reached via social media @ted_zaki on Instagram, emailed at info@justteddy.co.za or contacted on 082 923 7505.


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