It’s become a tradition that we have a ladies day at Christmas time, spoiling ourselves with decadent high teas at luxury hotels. In 2015, we went to The Saxon and a few weeks ago we went to the Piccolo Mondo at the Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton, for their Lindt High Tea. It seems like December was recent lol… I clearly haven’t blogged for a while, with all the festivities, exams and POTUS Trump issues & his idiocrasies flooding the media.


 Initially, we opted for the Westcliff, but sadly they do not offer high tea anymore. Our next choice was the five star Michelangelo and we were not disappointed with their Lindt High Tea. The food was exquisite and in abundance, offered in buffet style. I advise going on an empty tummy. I thoroughly enjoyed the modern spin with the introduction of sushi. The way the sushi is presented is truly five star – showcasing wasabi carvings. Other nibbles that I enjoyed was the selection of salmon, the fish nuggets, butternut & feta baskets and the spinach phyllo triangles.

 I am an avid chocolate fan and there are no words to describe how good the desserts were. On offer was chocolate mousse, chocolate brownies, a chocolate fountain, chocolate truffles, chocolate cakes and chocolate macaroons. Don’t despair, if you are not a chocolate lover, Piccolo Mondo has catered for you too… there are mini milk tarts, lemon meringues, red velvet cakes, crème-brulee, cheesecakes, scones, fruit skewers, a croque-en-bouche encased in delicate spun caramel threads and the list goes on. I applaud the chef and the team who baked these intricately designed delicacies as a lot of effort went in to create this layout.  



The décor of the venue follows the Renaissance theme with huge marble pillars, bold wooden furniture, sculptures and colour tones in rich orange, gold and blue. (Not particularly my style as I prefer light, airy and modern contemporary pieces with some bling). But then again, I suppose you would need something more traditional to look after the iconic Nelson Mandela Square. The service is also reflective of the theme – sufficient for royalty.

 My lowlights:

  • The selection of tea is quite basic, and some lessons can be absorbed from 54 on Bath.
  • Although the selection of food is superb, I wish that they had cute food labels – making it easier to select the food (especially if one opts for vegetarian or fish dishes). I disliked the guessing / smelling game – “I wonder what this is?”
  • We ordered a lactose and gluten free menu for my sister, which the hotel advised they could accommodate at no change. The savoury part was delish… but the desserts were a let-down – since it is a Lindt high tea. It’s so sad that this highlight ended up to be a lowlight. Below is what she received.

 None the less, we still had a fabulous outing at this prestigious hotel and I will definitely go again. The high tea is reasonably priced at R255 per person and the Lindt High Tea is served from 14:30 – 17:00 on Saturday and Sundays. Call 011 282 7463 to book your table.


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