My year in review and looking to 2017

This year has been a roller-coaster and I can’t believe that the 2016 ride is almost over in a few days. Apart from me adjusting to living in another city (lol I always tease my parents that East Rand is in another city – it’s part of Ekurhuleni!!), it’s been a year of learning, loving, growing and planning. I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions but as I reflect, these are five lessons that I will carry into 2017.

The power of Dua (prayer)

I pray for many things in life. I pray for myself, my husband, my parents & in-laws, family, friends and humanity. I firmly believe that the Almighty understands our prayers even if we don’t have the words to express it. This year my duas were answered… to an extent. We fell pregnant… and although we didn’t carry full term, I look at this as a positive experience. Inshallah it will happen when the time is right. Even if my plans are not accepted, I will continue to pray and I believe that great things are meant for me.

Change is good

One thing that is constant in life, is change and I’ve learned that the faster I adapt and accept the change, the easier the transition will be. The change that we embraced this year is that hubby and I decided to study. I am completing my honours (inshallah) and hubby changed his career entirely. In 2017, I wish to continue empowering myself through knowledge.

I’m not for everyone… and that’s OK

As I get older, I realise that not everyone will like me and that’s OK. My happiness does not lie in the validation or approval of others. I will do what makes me happy and focus on those who have time for me. Mufti Menk aptly puts it: “Not all will love you. There will always be some who hate you for no reason or without even knowing you. Thus is life. Smile and move on.”


Enjoy the moment

For 2017, I want to continue to savour and enjoy every moment. Take pictures and make memories. Not to fret the small stuff.

 The importance of saving

I know this sounds like an oxymoron – live for the moment but also save for tomorrow. Save for the special things you want. Save for that pair of shoes, jewellery, bathroom renovation, island holiday or whatever your heart desires – this will lead to memories. Further, life is unexpected and we are hit with curveballs. It is nice knowing that you when you are hit with unforeseen events (an emergency op, a burst geyser, new tyres etc.) you have tried to secure yourself financially and have one less thing to stress about.

 I wish you a blessed festive season and that 2017 is filled with love, growth, success and happiness. Irrespective of what life throws at you for the year, just change your shoes and adapt.




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