I’ll order a 514

Simply Asia – Simply Delicious

I’m elated that there is a halaal Simply Asia at East Point Shopping Centre, in Boksburg. This authentic Thai food takes my taste buds on a  flavoursome journey and never dissapoints.  That’s because I always order the same number: 514.

The numbering system works perfectly for Simply Asia as I honestly did not know that 514 is called a Ba-Mee Prik Phao (not that I can pronounce the words nor would I remember it). 514 is a delicious combination of onions, peppers, spring onions, a toss of garlic, roasted chillie  paste and cashew nuts with yellow noodles. I love that the veggies are quite crunchy and there is an abundance of cashew nuts.  I always opt for chicken and medium heat – their hot is pretty hot.


My philosophy  is why change what I thoroughly enjoy and a general consensus across the restaurant is that 514 is on every table’s selection. I would definitely say try it out! Another number I like is 103, the sweet corn cakes which is served with a sweet chillie sauce and I wanna try 116 – the Thai Dim Sum Combo. When I’m a bit more adventurous, I will order duck – but am I brave enough lol? Check out the menu.

The restaurant has a cosy vibe with yellow seating and the service is also pretty good. This place is ideal for a quick yet delicious bite. To complete the meal, pop next door to Brooklyn Brothers for a gourmet milkshake (read my review).


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