The Turkish Train: Istanbul Kebab


 Fordsburg, as vibrant as it once was, is sadly deteriorating and due to the Pikitup strike, there was a dump on almost every corner. Aside from the health hazard, you literally need to walk with a piggy bank as there is a beggar at every second step. On the occasions that we need to eat in the area, we opt for Calistos and now a new choice, Istanbul Kebab.

 Istanbul Kebab, is housed at the train in Fordsburg Square and the minute you step in you feel the light and purity. The décor is crisp and clean with brightly coloured walls. Who knows how long it will be this way, as the place is relatively new.  

There is an upstairs seating area which includes a small kiddies play area and diners have the choice to sit on the balcony, but with a view of dirty Fordsburg. The tranquil Turkish music sets the scene for the food to follow.

Their menu is widespread including Kebabs, pizzas, burgers, steak, pasta and spuds (although the latter two are seldom in stock). On arrival, we received a complimentary starter served with a tomato salsa and a delish yogurt. Turkish tea is also complimentary, served in Turkish cups.  They also make an excellent frullata and milkshake. Istanbul Kebab is exceptionally well priced, where an average meal for four people can cost under R300. 


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 Visit them at Fordsburg Square, Mint Rd, Johannesburg or call 011 024 2494. Istanbul Kebab has branches in Ormonde, Rivonia and Central Road (Fordsburg).


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