Online with: Nicholas Goliath

This week I am online with comedian, Nicholas Goliath. I have known Nic since school days and it’s amazing to see how he (and the Goliaths) has succeeded – fighting for their dream to become a reality. Nic comes from humble beginnings. Fame did not just dawn upon him – I mean his first job was at a call centre – where he worked for nine years. Today, he is chasing his dream, touring the world, doing corporate events, mingling with Trevor Noah, Mark Lottering and other celebs and most of all being on the stage doing comedy. I follow him on social networks (@nicholasgoliath) and I am in awe of what he is achieving.   



Some of my school memories with Nic include our Prefects Camp, which was classic (which none of the prefects will forget LOL) and our matric banquet. Nic always had this caring and protective nature – and used to shield us (girls) from the “rats” that would approach us. It is evident that these characteristics are carried through to fatherhood, when you see how much his family means to him. 

 C25: How did your big break come about?

NG: I can’t think of a specific “big break” that I had. If I had to answer that, I would say that my big break was the first time I ever got on stage. I fell in love with the audience and being on stage. Every opportunity to be on stage is a bit of a big break, because it allowed me to practice my art and learn to read an audience, which improves your performance.

C25: Tell me more about Goliath and Goliath?

NG: Contrary to popular belief, we are not all siblings. Jason and Kate are siblings and our dads are brothers, which makes us cousins. Donovan on the other hand, has no relation to us as far as we can tell. Jason and I met Donovan on stage a week after we did our first gig and we just clicked. As a team we each have our roles. Donovan is our creative and marketing person, Jason is our business mind, I handle all the operational stuff and Kate is the boss, we also recently recruited Jason and Kate’s mom (Aunty Gail) to assist us in the office.

 As a company we have been running for almost four years and have run various comedy gigs all around Johannesburg. We are a brand that is focused on the growth and development of the comedy industry and the comedians within that industry.


C25: What has been your biggest splurge that you have always wanted?

NG: I think that has to be my sneaker collection. Growing up we were not very wealthy and I would get new sneakers once or twice a year. Now I have started a collection and probably have about 10 pairs and the collection is growing. I now find it difficult to pass a sneaker store without having a look for a new pair to add to the collection.

C25: How do you stay fresh in your routines to make people laugh?

NG: Honestly, I have been doing a lot of the same material and just adding small bits to it to make it better. My set started out being five minutes long and has now become something I could do in 30 minutes. It’s about constantly polishing and adding to your material. I’ve also found my confidence on stage which makes it easier for me to do more off the cuff bits, which are my favourite. Staying fresh is more about being able to read and relate to your audience and with each performance, this becomes easier to do. I’ve also been lucky enough to perform to a variety of audiences and have learnt how to make my material more customised for each performance.

C25: The comedy industry is fast growing – any tips for upcoming artists?

NG: First and most important is to be funny. Then make sure you write your own material and practice it as often as possible. Go and experience different comedy gigs as often as possible and network with the comedians at these gigs. Never be afraid to ask for help or for stage time. Stage time is your friend.

 C25: After all the success, how do you stay humble?

NG: I do what I do for the love of comedy. I have just tried to be the same person I’ve been all along. I treat everybody equally and with respect and hope that they do the same.

C25: Where can people catch you to get some laughs?

NG: The place to find me most often is The Goliath Comedy Club, which are launching from 29 April to 1 May in Melrose Arch. Alternatively you can follow me on all social media platforms or follow the Goliath and Goliath or Goliath Comedy Club social media. We post all of the gigs and events that we’re doing.

 C25: What can people expect from the Comedy Club?

NG: People can expect a premium comedy experience. We want this to be a place that celebrates happiness. Everything we do or have in the club is designed to make you happy. The food and baked goods are freshly prepared daily and the comedy is going to showcase the best talent South Africa has to offer.

 The whole experience is unique as there is no other comedy club and cafe on the continent. Our sweet treats are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and our kitchen staff are always trying to improve and change the menu, so you can always expect something new and exciting to enjoy.

C25: Some of your favs:

Fav food:                                             Roast Cafe Food

Fav restaurant:                                 Rodizios, I love meat

Fav actress:                                        Charlize Theron (proudly South African)

Fav local comedian:                        Joey Rasdien     

Fav international comedian        Kevin Hart

Best movie:                                         The sixth sense. I never saw it coming

Ideal holiday destination:             I love Cape Town, but, hate the cold water. Basically anywhere I                                                                     can take my kids for a good time.

Children’s names:                            Matthew (7) and Adam (2) Love my boys


Images courtesy of Nicholas Goliath & my archives 


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