High Tea: 54 on Bath


Amidst the construction in Rosebank, Johannesburg, is the tranquil, pristine garden nestled on the fourth floor at 54 on Bath. This was the ideal venue for my high tea recently where I met my university friend.


We were lucky to get a last minute booking as the hotel caters for a maximum of 20 guests for high tea. To confirm the booking, I had to do an EFT – I suppose this is to reduce no-shows. A confirmation pack was emailed instantaneously, providing me with a visual taste of what to expect.

 I have been to a few high teas (at The Saxon, The Oyster Box, and a review on 12 Apostles) so I was expecting this five star hotel to deliver. The selection of sweet patisseries and savouries were delightful. My fav was the abundance of salmon quiches and the scrumptious fluffy bite size scones.

 The crockery is quite standard but the unique offering is the premium tea leaves – served in glass teapots with infusers. The differentiating feature is that 54 on Bath providers a timer to determine the strength of the tea. Tea ranges from delicate rooibos blended with sweet tea spices and marigold (Red of Africa), elegantly fragrant Chinese green teas lavishly blended with jasmine blossoms (Jasmine Pearls) to an ethereal blend of white tea with notes of fruit and flowers from the Bermuda Triangle (1837 White Tea).

 My lowlights: the waiters were a bit slack, as we had to call them several times to get service and tea re-fills. But with all the conversations that was flowing, we overlooked this. Tea is served from 15:30 – 17:00, which for me is a bit short, especially if our girls catch up is long overdue and we had tons to chat about. I would have also enjoyed some ambient music in the background – I don’t think I’m asking for too much 🙂 


 My highlights: aside from the exotic blends of tea, the hotel offers valet service so I parked my car at the entrance of the hotel on Bath Street like a dignitary. The venue has panoramic views and is an ideal spot to watch the dusty Jozi sunset.


 High tea is served daily at a cost of R220 – R275 per person. For more information, email LevelFour.Restaurant@tsogosun.com or call 011 344 8500.


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