Luxury camping

Six sleeper motorhome

Badplaas Forever Resort is an ideal weekend getaway, with its heated pools, indoor hydro and spa facilities… but my last trip was not an outing I was looking forward to as it was the first time I spent it at the camp site at Badplaas.

As dreadful as camping sounds, as I am a city girl who loves hotels or chalets, I was surprised at the glamour of camping as well as the facilities and equipment available for campers – true style glamping (glamourous camping).

Another advantage of travelling with a motorhome is the space – which made the three hour journey very comfortable as we could relax & stretch out our legs, without invading on the next person as with a car. The vehicle can reach speeds of 140km and does not feel sluggish on the uphill.

Easy & comfy travelling

If you are going away with other people, my advice is to go with people who you are comfortable with, as there is limited privacy.

Motorhome layout

For more info on renting a motorhome visit or  

Images courtesy of Maui & Hanif


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