Jawbone: track your fitness

jawboneI recently received a Jawbone Fitness Tracker and while I was reading up on the features, my hubby had already downloaded the app to his phone, programmed it to his profile and had it on his wrist. At first, he downloaded the wrong version as we received a UP3, so ensure that you have the version to suit your Jawbone tracker.

Hubby dearest is not an avid athlete, but he is thoroughly enjoying the features of the slim Jawbone and feels it is a motivator to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The features he likes are the idle alerts which gives you a gentle vibrating reminder to get you up and move and the Smart Coach which provides tips on achieving goals, nutritional tips and calorie count. He is also chaffed with the battery life which lasts about a week.

Smart Coach

Crafted by leading industrial designer Yves Behar, Jawbone’s activity tracker allow for 24/7 wear and is water-proof. The great thing about this fitness tracker is there is no display info on the band so it can be easily accessorised with jewellery or watches on the wrist. Other features include:

Activity Tracking: the intelligent way to know how much you’re walking and moving. It’s the bedrock to understanding your desired calorie burn for maintaining or losing weight. And, by adding teammates for a little friendly stepping competition, you don’t have to go it alone. Oprah has tagged the Jawbone as one of her favourite things for 2015 and you can have a duel with her as well.

Heart Health: gives you a complete picture of your heart health. Resting Heart Rate gives you your baseline when you wake up. Passive Heart Rate is measured throughout the day and helps you understand how the habits of your daily life affect your heart.

Advanced Sleep: tracks your sleep automatically measuring Deep, Light and REM and gives tips to help you get a better night’s rest, one night at a time.

Jawbone 2

If fitness or a healthier lifestyle is one of your New Year’s goals for 2016, then this is an ideal accessory to keep track and achieve your goals. The UP3 tracker by Jawbone is available in new trendy colours and retails for R2399 and the UP2 for R1599 on Jawbone.com. It is also available at Dion Wired, Clicks, Dis-Chem stores nationwide along with Superbalist.com and TakeALot.com

Images courtesy of Jawbone & Pinterest


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