My Racing Look in a Ford ST

I am not really a sporty chic. I much rather prefer stilettos, wedge sandals, dresses and bling but when I had the feisty Ford Fiesta ST, it brought out a different side to me. As much as I felt like a racing driver due to the car’s powerful ST capabilities, I needed to look the part as well. (Read my review on the Ford Fiesta ST).


I headed to the CrossOver store in Sandton (shopping mall) to complete my racing look. They have a superb range of fashion and clothing items to suit all needs. I opted for a rugged and ripped white skinny jeans with a plain white tee and a casual tan leather-look racing  jacket.6297a0f9f2dec9dcb0ab9a54bdeaa8b4 43f621714a89b1c7c8e3278417134613

Bringing in the fashion and  bling element, I chose these Sissy Boy sneakers. According to some, it’s not really sneakers. But to me, its not a stiletto nor is it a pump, so it can fit in the sneakers category 🙂 It is also a shoe I do not have to remove when driving a manual car (as my high heels often get damaged). What attracted me to this casual boot sneaker is its beautiful cut out design. This is something that I will definitely rock again.

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Jeans: Sissy Boy (From CrossOver in Sandton)  l T-shirt: Pick ‘n Pay clothing l  Jacket: Mr Price l  Shoes: Sissy Boy (From CrossOver in Sandton)

Photo cred: Hanif


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