Exceeded Expectations: Ford Fiesta ST


I was really impressed with the Ford Fiesta ST. I felt like a rally driver for the week… with each take off I could feel the power of the turbo kick in instantly. As a driver of an automatic car, I had to get use to gear-changing but to my advantage, there is a little arrow that appears in the trip counter display signalling it is time to change gears.


Ford has spruced up its features since the previous shapes. The car has some nifty features such as automatic lights and windscreen wipers, bluetooth as well as a key-less entry and go system (so I never had to find the key in my bag). It also has Recaro racing seats, which provide a snug fit and amplifies its sporty look. The only feature I would add is a sunroof, to complete the look.


My hubby was equally impressed with the car and (from a more technical point of view) he felt that the suspension and road handling capabilities of the car was superb, compared to other cars on the market, which are normally five-door and not a three-door hatch. The acceleration through the gears are fluent while the speed and torque factors are immediate. The breaks of the car are very responsive in relation to the speed. Due to this, it brings back the fun factor of driving a manual shift again. Surprisingly, the car is not that heavy on fuel if driven with a light foot.

The interior and layout of the Fiesta is typical of Ford styling, but i feel that the radio panel has too many dials and there are too many shades of lighting for the dials and instruments.


I must admit, I enjoyed the drive more than I expected and it exceeded my expectations. Look out for my post on my racing look (#OOTD) that accompanied the car.

Photo cred: Hanif


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