My first love: Mini Cooper S


Owning your first car is often a big deal and my good memories were created in a 2004 Mini Cooper S. I absolutely loved this sleek car – it was small to zip in a tight parking, nippy in and out of traffic and was supercharged allowing me the speed to go uphills (while some of my friends used to sing to their car, ‘go baby go baby’ struggling to climb the incline).

My car was dark gray and hubby dearest put two stripes along the car giving it that racy look. We sure done mileage with the car, doing city driving and countryside travelling from the scenic Mpumalanga to a number of trips to beautiful Durban. We were often short of boot space, but by quickly lowering the back seat, our problem was solved. I would not suggest doing monthly grocery shopping in a day but stagger out the shopping in stages.


Murphy’s Law, as the car was out of motorplan, it started to give me problems (the clutch was packing in and the seat malfunctioned) and it was becoming a liability and expensive to maintain. This was a sign that as much as I loved my Mini, it was time to say goodbye. I opted for a bigger coupe car, still a two-door but I would definitely buy a Mini again (in motorplan).


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