Converted: Diesel Jogg Jeans Fan


I’ve never really been a Diesel fan… call me a late bloomer! But this time, I have fallen for the Diesel Jogg Jeans campaign (more specifically due to its Instagram campaign). For me, the campaign appeals to a lifestyle opposed to an aspiration of being that sexy girl on the beach. I always thought that the brand is too expensive and that I can get so much more from that money spent. My hubby on the other hand has been brand loyal to Diesel for decades as he sees the value due to its durability, style and its superior craftsmanship (I won’t lie, it washes very well).

But… this time, Diesel is offering something unique – Jogg Jeans. So what is Jogg Jeans? The jeans is a crossbreed between jeans and active wear. It offers the stretch of jersey but still looks like a denim (not jeggings). What makes it different? The jeanetically modified denim-crossbreed is infused with Coolmax moisture-wicking technology producing a comfortable and transpiring garment where sweat evaporates to keep you dry. A placebo of rubberised hardware and sport mesh details enhance the technical performance, without compromising the comfort. Now you can move in a jeans like you’ve never moved before.

DIESEL-JOGGJEANS-Spring-Summer-15-Advertising-CAMPAIGN_Coppia_double_3 Diesel-Introduces-Jogg-Jeans-01

To strengthen my love for the Jogg Jeans, Diesel embarked on a campaign with classical and street-based dancers to showcase the flexibility of the jeans – emphasing on movement, comfort and style. For me, this truly puts the durability of the jeans to test. If it is comfortable enough for a dancer… surely it should be different to other skinny jeans by offering more flexibility and comfort. Click to watch the cool campaign video

Diesel Dance campaign

Jogg jeans comes in an array of styles ranging from skinny to boyfriend cuts and is available for men and women. Apparently, the Jogg Jeans have been available in South Africa for the past two years but will set you back a pretty penny or two (but I am sure it will be worth it this time). I want to fit on a pair and will keep you posted if it lives up to my expectation. Let me know if you are rocking Jogg Jeans?


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