Traveling on Boxing Day

We took the long N1 road on Boxing Day, 26 December, traveling to Cape Town. I don’t know when was the last time we drove down – I mean it is a 12 – 24 hour drive, depending which route you take. For me, the question is not which route to take, but rather what to wear?

traveling 2

I don’t want to be dressed for winter nor burn in the Karoo heat in a shorts… I opted to wear my fav… leopard tights! Its casual, trendy, totally comfortable and provides protection from the sun.  I paired it with a long sleeve black shirt with fold ups, this allows for flexibility to do long or mid length sleeves.

The long road is quite tricky, as it is chilly in the morning (we left at 06:00), the afternoon gets hot (32’C) and by the time we reached Cape Town – it was windy. I needed clothes for all seasons. I slipped on a diamante sandals to complete the look. What do you wear when traveling?


My look: Leopard tights (Mr Price), black shirt & sandals (Pick n Pay Clothing)


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