The Rebirth of Clarks

I recently went to a mall and as I was going up the escalator, I fell in love… I fell in love with a gorgeous wedge sandal that was screaming, ‘Buy me! Take me home!’ The colour was so striking, tan with a touch of black paton. Just my luck the shop was closed… My head was saying thank goodness as this is not in budget this month, but my feet were yearning to try on these beauties.


Gazing from the window, I was surprised to see that it was a shoe from Clarks. Really? I know Clarks to be comfort shoes – health shoes for the elderly. I had a teacher in high school who wore Clarks and the vision of her walking down the corridor, with her shoes that made a noise (oomph… oomph… oomph) rushed to my head. Am I getting old? Of course not, Clarks have launched a range for the younger generation that is colourful, high fashion yet maintaining the comfort.

For the Spring Summer 2014 collection, Clarks have an amazing range that will appeal to the sophisticated who like stylish yet comfortable shoes. I mean that is a girls dream – comfortable high heels. The new Clark range includes fabulous flats, loafer and stunning heels. I think there will be more than one pair of Clarks that I will like from this collection. The collection also includes a mens range, so do check it out.

Clarks have been around since 1825 and today sell close to 35 million pairs of shoes a year. In 2012, Europa Art announced the opening of the first Clarks store in SA (Facebook page), and today there are stores in Menlyn Mall, Eastgate and Clearwater Mall (all three malls are in Gauteng). You can also find Clarks at good shoe shops across the country.

Image from Boy Meets Fashion blog


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