Wedding Vibes

My cousin recently got married and as stressful as it is for the bride – gown, shoes, hair trials, colour scheme, etc. it is equally stressful and exciting for the guests. I mean we have to look stylish too! Its funny that no matter how much I (we) plan, there is always things to do up until the last day.

For this wedding, I opted for an Indian outfit that is still modern. I am not one for bright colours, but when I fitted on this outfit, it felt right and I refused to take it off. But, being the Libra that I am, I had to shop around some more before making a decision – I needed to know that I was getting the best outfit at the best price. A few shops (and hours) later, and I ended back at the boutique to make my purchase 🙂 collage

The blue dress has gold and silver bead work on the front section and thick brading at the bottom of the dress and sleeves. Another reason why I loved this outfit was that I already had matching shoes and accessories, which was perfect for the budget. I paired the outfit with silver sandals, chandelier earrings and a broad diamante bracelet.


My sister opted for a similar style outfit, hers was purple and peach with a pearl border – ‘sister sister’. She paired her outfit with gold accessories. Both outfits are  summer colours, perfect for the garden wedding.


It was a beautiful wedding – the bride looked gorgeous and the guests dressed to the occasion. I will post a few #OOTD and trends in my next post.

My outfit: Dress: Sauda Boutique l Shoes: Footworks l Earrings & bracelet: I can’t remember where I bought it

My sister’s outfit: Dress: Memsaab (Cape Town), Shoes: Guess (& Rage)


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