Different Yet The Same

Different yet the same

How can strangers be so much a like? People have different backgrounds, cultures and life stories yet we are similar in our fashion style? Is it that we are attracted to people who have the same taste and interests or is it possible that as we spend more time with people, we become similar in our dress sense?

I experienced an identical #OOTD (outfit of the day) at the office – twinsie. The same colour scheme – grey leggings, black tops and identical Nine West boots – it was unplanned and co-incidental.

Twinsie Me & Shivon

Research shows that groups of people, although they have different personal styles, will often be like-minded, in that they read the same magazine, shop at the same stores and share similar opinions.  Surprisingly this is not only common among women, but also with groups of men.

Clothes have an impact on the way you look and feel and can reflect your mood. My theory is supported by author and university professor, Doris Kincade. We say that clothing is a person’s most intimate environment;  it affects how a person looks, how one acts and feels. Further research states that wearing certain clothes can affect emotional states. When someone is depressed or sad, happy or confident, this is reflected in how you look. The research states that happy clothes include well-cut, figure-enhancing items made from beautiful fabrics that remind you of positive experiences. Clearly we are happy in our Nine West Castillima ankle boots.

Nine West Castillima ankle boot

These boots were one of my fav winter buys this year as it went well with skirts, jeans and winter leggings. It was oober sexy and stylish! The boots are not seasonal, as I still wear these now in summer, as they offer the cover I need from all the summer rain.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.


 Shoes: Nine West
Tights: Zara & Pick n Pay Clothing 
My twin: Shivon September 

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